Who can use this feature: Anyone on any plan.


Dive deep into individual user activity within your AI applications, uncovering usage trends and optimizing resource allocation for improved performance and user satisfaction.

User metrics overview: Requests, costs, and activities tracked in Helicone

See user metrics such as the number of requests, costs, and activities.

Why User Metrics

  • Gain detailed insights into individual user activity
  • Track per-user request volumes, costs, and usage patterns
  • Optimize resource allocation based on user-specific trends
  • Improve performance and detect potential abuse

Quick Start

Step 1: Add User ID

There are two ways to specify users in your requests:

Step 2: View Detailed Metrics

Once set up correctly, you will be able to see detailed user metrics under the Users tab.

Detailed user dashboard in Helicone showing overview, usage, and logs under `Users` tab.

See overview, usage and detailed logs for a specific user.


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