The Power of Data Ownership

As an open-source solution, Helicone bestows its users with comprehensive ownership of their data by facilitating self-deployment. This not only ensures heightened security but also places you in absolute control of your data management.

The Significance of Data Ownership

Data ownership becomes indispensable when you seek total control over your information. It is especially crucial when handling sensitive data such as personal or confidential business information. Consider being a healthcare provider tasked with safeguarding your patients’ data - relying on a third-party server with potential security vulnerabilities would be far from ideal. Self-hosting solutions, like those provided by Helicone, enable you to deploy the software on your server, granting you complete control and secure data handling.

Attaining Data Autonomy for Your Organization

Every organization is unique, with distinct use cases that necessitate custom planning and implementation. However, the pursuit of data autonomy need not be an intimidating endeavor. At Helicone, we are dedicated to guiding you on this path towards data independence.

For further information or to embark on your journey towards genuine data autonomy, please contact us at or schedule a call with our team. We are here to empower you and your organization, ensuring you retain full control of your invaluable data assets.