At Helicone we believe that open-source software makes the world a better place. We are committed to open-source and we made a guide to make it easy for you to deploy your own instance of Helicone.

Running locally

cp .env.example .env
docker compose up

To create a user go to http://localhost:8989/project/default/auth/users and add your account. You can use this account to sign into Helicone at localhost:3000 via your browser.

Default URLs:

  • Helicone Webpage: localhost:3000
  • Helicone Worker: localhost:8787

Maintaining your instance

Helicone container builds

docker build --platform linux/amd64 -t helicone/supabase-migration-runner -f dockerfiles/dockerfile_migration_runner .
docker build -t helicone/worker -f dockerfiles/dockerfile_worker .
docker build -t helicone/web -f dockerfiles/dockerfile_web .
docker build -t helicone/clickhouse-migration-runner -f dockerfiles/dockerfile_clickhouse_migration_runner . --no-cache


This folder is forked from supabase’s docker

Here is a helpful guide for getting started: here