Our REST API provides a robust solution for Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) data from Helicone into your personal data warehouse.

Here are some key advantages of our ETL API compared to traditional logging tools:

  • Advanced User Metrics
  • Custom Properties with Segmentation Metrics
  • Comprehensive Request and Response Parsing
    • Model
    • Prompt
    • Response
  • Detailed Latency Metrics
  • Feedback Results (coming soon)

ETL Connectors (coming soon)

At present, we do not offer any pre-built connectors. However, we are receptive to suggestions and committed to meeting our users’ needs. If there is a specific connector you would like us to develop, please let us know. You can reach us on Discord or submit a Github issue.

In the interim, you can design your own ETL process using our REST API.