Setting Up Your API Key

First, grab your Helicone-API-key or head to our portal at and generate a new key.

Interactive Playground: Experiment with Queries

In the HTTP Headers section, insert the following block, replacing HELICONE_API_KEY with your own:

  "authorization": "Bearer HELICONE_API_KEY"

After you’ve added your key, here’s a sample request to get you started:

  heliconeRequest(limit: 1, offset: 0) {
    properties {

Our playground is equipped with IntelliSense, a handy tool that makes it easier to understand what types of fields you can query. Just press (ctrl + space)!

Accessing the Schema Documentation

You can find the Schema Documentation on the right side of the playground interface. This is your go-to resource for understanding the structure of the data you can query. Visit our playground at to explore more!